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Vanhoja pelimannisävelmiä (“Old Folk Music Tunes”), known as VPS, is a 1975 facsimile edition of Part 3 (Folk Dances) of the series Finnish Folk Tunes, edited by Ilmari Krohn in 1893-1897. The tunes transcribed in 1809 by the tailor Samuel Rinta-Nikkola form perhaps the most valuable part of VPS.

VPS is one of the fundamental works in Finnish folk music. In honour of Perinnearkku’s 10-year anniversary, the association presents a challenge to all folk musicians regardless of background or nationality: to film their interpretations of the almost seven hundred tunes found in VPS. The goal is to get all of VPS’s tunes onto Youtube in video form, and thus to make more Finnish folk music available on online video services. And because VPS consists of dance tunes, the video can also involve dance.

If you are interested in joining the project and creating your own video, you can get further information from the email address, or by contacting us via facebook.

Perinnearkku (loosely translated, the word means “the treasure chest of tradition”) was founded in 2006. The association is run by a group of people involved with Finnish folk music and dance, both professionals and passionate amateurs. The association’s aim is to promote the visibility and status of folk music and dance in Finland as well as abroad. To this end, Perinnearkku organises events including clubs, concerts, jam sessions and workshops.