VPS n:o 485

VPS 485

Soitettu jameissa ravintola Rivolissa Helsingissä / Played in a session on restaurant Rivoli, Helsinki.

Kuvassa / in the picture

Paula Susitaival – viulu / fiddle
Hannu Oskala – haitari / accordion

Kuvan ulkopuolella soittelivat / outside the picture:

Suvi Oskala – viulu / fiddle
Hanna Mauro – viulu / fiddle
Saana Kujala – viulu / fiddle
Martin Åkesson – kitara / guitar

“There’s a legendary take on this tune on Ottopasuuna’s self-titled debut album, with the excuisite flute playing by late Kurt Lindblad. This might just be one of the best Finnish polskas ever”
(Paula Susitaival)

Listen here to the Ottopasuuna version (VPS 485 being the latter of the set)

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